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Frontier Market
Drumheller (Wayne), Alberta

Art & Artisan Works
... Much, Much More ...

UNTIL OCT. 12, 2014

 June through September
Thursday - Sunday
10am to 6pm

Phone:  403-823-7221


We Do More than Antiques.
Our Other Services Include:

Natural Insect Repellent

Local Information & History


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The Frontier Market has been in business since 2004. 

As with all great things, it started small.  Each year we have expanded both our Inventory and our Business Hours.

Our 2,000 square foot  building houses a wide variety of Antiques, Collectibles, Art & Artisan Works, as well as many Unique Treasures!
(For All Ages)
For the 2014 season, we will open on Thursday, June 5th and remain open UNTIL SUNDAY OCTOBER 12th.
We are perched on the edge of the scenic Drumheller Valley Badlands.  As you make your way through the Valley, over the 11 Bridges Road to Wayne, the scenery is breathtaking.  Be sure to breathe though, as most of the Bridges are "One-Way" traffic.

Once you have crossed the 11th Bridge, you are nearly here.  Just go up the hill (2km) and turn right at the first place you come to.  There are signs, but you can't see the Market itself until you are part-way down the drive -- you aren't lost.

In order to extend our season, and give you more access to The Frontier Market -- Year-Round, we are taking the "Leap" from the "Frontier"  into the "Cyber World".

This is our First web-site, and as with the Market, we expect that this, too, will evolve and improve.
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